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Hey there,

One of the things I’m best-known for…

And one of the things that personally yields me the most success in my games is my ability to “force” IOI’s.

What’s this mean?

Simply put…

Forcing an IOI is getting a girl who you don’t know yet, to signal interest in you before you two even interact.

When you do this, women will respond to you positively.


Well, as humans, we have a need to be consistent.

So if the first thing a girl does when she sees you, for example, is SMILE…

Then she is more inclined to act favorably towards you.

Her brain has a pattern where when she smiles towards someone, she feels positive emotions towards them…

And that’s what we’re trying to trigger.

I’ve got tons of methods for forcing IOI’s..

(Almost all of them are in my Stealth – Attraction training program…which you can get here Get Her Wet With Words Review

But today I want to talk about a nice one that’s really easy to pull off…

And really easy easy to describe over email.

So let’s get into it…

It’s called the “cheers” technique.

It’s like this – have you ever seen somebody in a bar or club go around and doing “cheers” with each person, moving from one group to the next?

Sure you have.

Probably happens every night in most establishments. Most of the time it’s some guy or chick who’s totally hammered and having a great time.

But the reaction is usually the same from most everybody they come up to.

A smile, a laugh, a “whoo-hoo” or something similar, followed by a raised glass and a tiny clink.

Sounds pretty harmless, right? And it is… IF you approach it casually like this.

And that’s the point…

It’s casual, it’s harmless, and women will engage you and smile.

Bam. IOI.

Now, she’s smiling, her guard has just been dropped, and the barrier to entry has been lowered.

Then from here, you can start to read the situation, and make assessments of where she’s at.

Does the smile look real or just polite?

What’s her body language saying?

Is she facing you or turned away?

After the cheers does she immediately turn away or does she wait for your next move, inviting you to move things forward?

Now you’ve got answers to some very important questions and you’ll invaluable information regarding her interest, her energy levels, and her intent.

From here, it’s game on..How To Get Her Wet With Your Words Stealthily Review

How easy is this to do?


I use it myself and I’ve watched thousands of students do it in the field, very very successfully.

So next time you’re in a club and wondering what the best way to approach is…

Try the “cheers” approach and watch what happens

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 😉



P.S. A little twist on the cheers technique is using it to RAPIDLY sort for the girls in the clubs who are “up for it”.

Just run the cheers on almost every girl you see… and when they give you anything less than a flashing green light… just move on.

No need for hard work… just keep doing “temperature checks”

Soon enough, you’ll find a girl who is ready to go and loving you right off the bat.

Spend the rest of the night working on her…

I think you’ll like what happens.

P.P.S. Think techniques like this are cool? I highly recommend you check out the Stealth – Attraction videos … simply put, they’re the core of my method… and the price is next to nothing…. 


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Stealth Attraction Review

Get Her Wet With Words Review

Stealth Attraction Review

Get Her Wet With Words Review