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Words That Penetrate Her Body & Mind
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Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.

The age-old question “How to I turn her on?” has been shouted into a void for so many centuries that it has largely become rhetorical in our culture.

But what if there was a way to find an actual answer?

Thanks to an unlikely source… you now have a series of choice words and phrases that can tap into a woman’s desire, any time of day.

And best of all?

These work on almost every woman out there…

Words That Get Her So Tight, So Wet…

These are words that help a woman feel wanted, desired, and sexy – and they universally trigger women.

They go from their ears down to their genitals.

These words and phrases were first discovered by a computer hacker, who wasn’t getting much action in the bedroom from his wife.

And this guy took finding a solution to the EXTREME.

He abused his NSA job and hacked tens of thousands of private conversations between husbands and wives (text, phone call, Facebook etc.).

All because he wanted to know what men were saying to successfully get their wives horny and wanting them.

So he ran some statistical programs on the transcripts…

…and discovered a list of phrases.

Phrases which, when said by men, have on average a 97% chance of instantly getting their wives so horny and sexually frustrated…

…that she feels an uncontrollable urge that she can only relieve by sliding herself onto her husbands “rocky man downstairs”.

And because this is based on statistics, these phrases are scientifically proven to work.

So here’s what to do.

First, go and learn some of these phrases your woman secretly craves…

Then, the next time you’re in bed with her, roll over and whisper one of these phrases into her ear…

Then roll back to your side and wait.

You’ll be surprised by how quickly she gets so aroused she wants to jump your bones right away.

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


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